Combating hate speech through spreading free knowledge

Combating hate speech through spreading free knowledge

Considering the importance of combating hate speech, the Institute of Liberal Politics in partnership with “Wikimedia Armenia” scientific research NGO launches a new project entitled “Combating hate speech through spreading free knowledge”. The project is implemented with the assistance of Friedrich Nauman’s “For Freedom” Foundation.
The project aims at raising public awareness on hate speech through providing society with accurate information in Armenian. Taking into account the insufficient number of Armenian sources on the topic, the importance of the project is even more stressed.
Within the frames of the project, it is intended to recruit nearly 40 youngsters who are interested in the topic and wish to become Wikipedia editors and conduct a series of training sessions for them on the topics of Wikipedia tools, hate speech, its manifestations, and freedom of speech.
Then, a 4-day workshop will be organized with their and experts’ participation. The aim is to develop frames and write 200 articles on hate speech and other relevant topics in the Armenian language.
As a direct outcome, awareness level on hate speech, discrimination, and other relevant topics will significantly rise, which in its turn will make combating hate speech much more efficient.