“Media literate Citizen” training took place in Gyumri

“Media literate Citizen” training took place in Gyumri

Media Literacy training in Gyumri The training course in Gyumri started with the participants writing down their expectations as a hashtag. We got the following:

• #Literate_citizen

• #No_to_hate_speech

• #Liberal_media • #knowledge

• #usefulness

• #quality_speech

The training was conducted by the experts of the “Media Initiative Center” Lusine Grigoryan and Gegham Vardanyan. The training was interactive. For strengthening their knowledge, participants played the “Adventures of Literatus”. The Lady of the city of Informia Veritas is kidnapped by the lord of manipulations Manipulus, and media literate Literatus seeks her. He passes 10 stages and finds out fake news, checks Facebook photos, media publications, etc. Participants were provided with certificates by the chairperson of the “Institute of Liberal Politics” NGO Tatevik Matinyan.

The training is conducted by the Institute of Liberal Politics with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to the Republic of Armenia. Trainers are the experts of the Media Initiative Center.