“Media literate Citizen” training took place in Yerevan

“Media literate Citizen” training took place in Yerevan

Course of media-literacy in Yerevan The “Media literate citizen” training course took place in Yerevan also. The chairperson of the Institute of Liberal Politics Tatevik Matinyan delivered a greeting speech. 

She stressed in her speech that in our days being media literate and enriching knowledge are essential for orienting in the digital world correctly. Institute of Liberal Politics was established for filling the educational gap through non-formal education.

On the second day, the participants of the training tested the knowledge gained on media through playing the “Adventures of Literatus” board game. About the game: Veritas the lady of Informia is kidnaped by Manipulus the lord of manipulations and media literate Literatus goes to seek the lady. He passes 10 levels and reveals fake news, checks the photos on social media, press articles, etc.

 The game has 3 stages and was developed with the aim to teach getting the correct information. In the online version, it is possible to play the game in 5 languages. In the first stage, players open the cards in turn and try to guess where the picture on the card was taken. For guessing right, they need to consider every detail: weather, visual details, time. At the end of the training, everyone got a certificate for participation.

The training is conducted by the Institute of Liberal Politics with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to the Republic of Armenia. Trainers are the experts of the Media Initiative Center.