Liberal Campaign on Entrepreneurship

Liberal Campaign on Entrepreneurship


The project on “Liberal Camp on Entrepreneurship” aimed at the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. It should be considered from the first as an integrative, interconnected theme in liberal education, and also from the perspective of why a liberal education can only serve to sharpen the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s a different century, a different labor market, and most importantly, a different type of citizens being educated. In an environment like this, a narrow education holds two risks. 

First, it’s preparing students for jobs that may not exist by the time they graduate. Second, it may not be preparing them for the challenges of citizenship or professional life, whether they are in the for-profit or nonprofit sector. As a result, patterns of education influence the patterns of citizens’ civic and political participation. Liberal education with an emphasis on an entrepreneurial mindset would allow young people to recognize new opportunities, develop competitive ideas, and launch projects/organizations to empower personal development. 

So, the project aimed at:

  • raising awareness of young people regarding liberal education with an emphasis on an entrepreneurial mindset,
  • developing participants’ skills of conducting researches on social, cultural issues existing in their districts with the support of mentors.
  • supporting the process of development of communication with local districts’ administrations.
  • supporting the design of a perfect marketing strategy with the use of digital media campaigns and blogging.
  • supporting the design of a market of ideas for startups on the basis of their research.

In a process of intensive educational program which includes both theoretical knowledge provision and practical task fulfillment, the participants of the project were provided with information regarding all possible aspects and side of planning entrepreneurship and becoming a successful entrepreneur. One of the main specifics of the project was to inspire the youth by meetings with successful entrepreneur who shared their success stories and gave useful tips to the target of the project.

As an outcome of the project the participants of the business plans and shoot clips on how they intend to implement their business plans.