Media Monitoring and Fact-Checking

Media Monitoring and Fact-Checking


The project aimed to contribute in the development of the media literacy in Armenia. The program was composed of 9 lectures (comprehensive and interactive lectures and discussion on almost all aspects of media literacy, which gives an opportunity to the participants to develop media literacy strategies for 3 age groups), which contained theory-methodology and practical exercises (educational sessions and practical task implementation). Only experienced professionals were lecturing during this program. 

The goal was to consolidate the efforts of the youth to improve political culture, democratization, as well as to succeed in the fight against misinformation and hate speech. The beneficiaries of the project obtained skills on how to conduct media monitoring, identify fake information and conduct analyze based on findings of Monitoring.

As an outcome of the program, participants presented their research works or reports on media monitoring on several topics.10 participants of the project later conducted presentations of their research or monitoring reports in their universities this way acting as multipliers of the project.

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