Public hearings in Gyumri within the program’s framework “Addressing concerns, building a dialogue.

Public hearings in Gyumri within the program’s framework “Addressing concerns, building a dialogue.

In August 2023, the Institute ordered the implementation of research in several settlements bordering Turkey to collect information about the concerns of people living on the border regarding the possible reopening of the Armenian-Turkish border.

The public hearing was meant to inform citizens about possible solutions and collect their positions.

Mher Baghdasaryan, a representative of the “Liberal Policy Institute” NGO, gave an opening speech during the meeting, presented the results of surveys conducted in Armenia-Turkey border communities to the participants, and provided a platform for the attendees to raise their questions in this regard.

Economist Suren Minasyan, lawyer Volodya Mazmanyan, candidate of social sciences Nvard Melkonyan, and chairman of the NA Foreign Relations Committee, MP Sargis Khandanyan, presented about the work, analysis and monitoring done during the meeting.

Among the hearing participants were representatives of non-governmental organizations, students, and young people undergoing professional experience who showed interest in opening borders, the results of sociological surveys, the possibility of contact between societies, and existing dangers and challenges.

The specialists briefly described their work, after which sociological surveys, the border opening process, and the current fact-finding analysis were discussed.

Mr. Khandanyan answered the audience’s questions regarding the negotiation process, possible domestic developments, the reopening of borders, and the cooperation of the Government. He also spoke about the “Crossroads of Peace” program, considering it an essential component of dialogue, neighborliness, and economic activity.
The meetings will have a continuous nature, and the society’s representatives will be presented meaningfully about the work being done.

The program is implemented by the non-governmental organization “Institute of Liberal Politics” with the support of the “National Endowment for Democracy” (NED) of the United States of America.