Main pathways for overcoming hate speech

Main pathways for overcoming hate speech

“Main pathways of overcoming hate speech” training organized by the “Institute of Liberal Politics” with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Armenia took place. 24 participants from 7 political parties took part in the 2-day busy training, during which they had constructive debate on the pathways of overcoming hate speech.

Main pathways for overcoming hate speech

Speakers were: Lawyer, CoE expert, Expert in the hate speech filed Ara Ghazaryan. Training session: “What is hate speech?”

PR Expert, Lecturer at the Department of the Sociology, Yerevan State University Nvard Melqonyan, training session: “Communication skills: Disagree without spreading hate speech”.

Advisor to the Ombudsman of Armenia, Coordinator for assuring the implementation of the Conventional mandates, Monika Sargsyan. Training session: “Hate speech and human rights: what ought to be revived in the domestic legislation for the defense mechanism of the Ombudsman».

Media expert, webpage’s editor Gegham Vardanyan. Training session: “How to work with media for excluding hate speech”.

Ph.D. in law, associate professor at the department of civic law, YSU, Arpine Hovhannisyan. Training session: “Fake news as a tool for spreading hate speech. Critique of the public officials”.

“Protection of rights without borders” NGO expert, Hasmik Harutyunyan. Training session: Regulations of hate speech and freedom of speech in the the precedent practice of the European Court of Human Rights and in the context of the 10th clause of the ECHR”

ILP chairperson Tatevik Matinyan gave participants their certificates at the closing ceremony of the training. She expressed her hope that the training was very useful in terms of excluding hate speech in political speech and assured that similar events will be conducted continuously.