During project entitled “Addressing public concerns – build dialogue” a discussion with the specialists was held. During the meeting Institute of Liberal Politics presented the results of the three main components implemented within the frames of the program: the results obtained during collection of public opinion, political science, legal and economic recommendations, the adoption of which can address the concerns of citizens, as well as results of the city-hall meetings in 10 boarder communities and the reactions of the citizens living on the border regarding our proposed solutions.

The invitees were economists, lawyers, journalists, historians, who expressed their opinion and position on the packages, as well as presented recommendations on further actions that can contribute to the practical application of the information collected within the framework of the project.

The screening of the film “Border” was also organized for the first time for the invited guests, which aims to collect and present the history of Armenian-Turkish political and diplomatic relations for a century in a few minutes.
The participants of the meeting welcomed such discussions and said that it is very important to voice all the concerns that society has, because only through such discussions and joint work it will it be possible to achieve that the review of the legal, political and economic spheres of the country and adoption of relevant regulations is a mandatory condition prior to the reopening of the border.