Address public concerns-build dialogue in Armenian-Turkish relations

Address public concerns-build dialogue in Armenian-Turkish relations

At this stage of the active phase of the negotiations with Turkey on the establishment of a dialogue and political relations, reopening the borders, it is crucial that there be calm and peaceful discussions within different segments of society about the country’s future, fears, and concerns of society, ensuring that the voices of the population living in bordering communities are heard and addressed. The impact will be through public discussions and needs assessment, raised public confidence regarding competencies and willingness of the Government in managing risks regarding reopening the border.

The main goal of the project is to create a bridge between the Government and the society of Armenia through proposed project activities. The Bridge ensures, that the concerns of people are properly collected and presented to decision-makers, constructive proposals for solutions to the situation are developed and first-hand information is available to society promoting open and constructive dialogue about opening Armenian-Turkish borders and its alternative.   

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. collect people’s (living on the border with Turkey) concerns and worries and communicate the to decision-makers;
  2. propose constructive and effective solutions for people’s concerns and worries;
  3. assist the establishment of an open and ongoing dialogue between authorities and society (living on the border with Turkey);
  4. promote truth and proper information transfer between decision-makers and multipliers;
  5. promote the dialogue between the Armenian and Turkish societies in order to gather positions on the restoration of diplomatic relations.