Certificate Award Ceremony of the 7th Stream of School of Liberal Politics

Certificate Award Ceremony of the 7th Stream of School of Liberal Politics

The Graduation Ceremony of the 7th stream of the “School of Liberal Politics” took place on the 7th of February 2023.

During the Graduation Ceremony the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, Deputy head of Mission of Romania to Armenia Andrea Phillips, Ambassador-at-Large Edmon Marukyan and partners of the Institute of Liberal Politics were hosted.

The chairperson of the Institute Tatevik Matinyan, as well as the coordinators of the School Shushan Avagyan and Mariam Khzmalyan, greeted all in their opening speeches.

Her Excellency Ambassador Wiktorin congratulated the alumni of the School in her speech. Then all participants received their graduation certificates. After giving certificates to the participants a thanking remark was made by Marieta Dolunc. The School of Liberal Politics was established in 2017 with the aim to train a new generation of leaders who will have liberal thinking and become the pioneers of democracy. The School creates an educational platform where young professionals are given theoretical and practical knowledge about political science, economics, jurisprudence, as well as liberalism and its development prospects.

The School already has 7 streams of graduates. Now the classes of the 8th stream are to begin. The School has over 150 graduates. The School is determined to choose the best experts for the sessions: leading specialists in various fields, journalists, university professors, politicians, state and community servants give lectures at the school. In addition to theoretical courses, students do practical work, the purpose of which is the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition to the main courses, meetings with ambassadors, representatives of international organizations, government representatives, and others are also organized.

One educational stream of the School of Liberal Politics lasts for 3 months. The School of Liberal Politics is an inseparable part of the Institute of Liberal Politics. However, the institute is an independent think tank, which provides expertise to its various beneficiaries, develops policy papers and legislative amendments suggestions, conducts training and mentorship for youth, women and other disadvantaged groups on different topics related to politics, media, law, etc. In recent years the Institute is predetermined to combat hate speech. Since 2022 the Institute is implementing projects toward overcoming hate speech in Armenia through different activities, such as policy papers, media literacy training, media monitoring, focus group discussions, etc.