Women Empowerment Academy

Women Empowerment Academy

“Institute of Liberal Politics” (ILP) NGO conducts the “Women Empowerment Academy” for women from all over Armenia aged between 20 to 57 years old who wish to have active and professional participation in local and national level political lifethrough the improvement of their skills and knowledge in public speaking, public image, critical thinking and etc.

In addition to practical and theoretical sessions the ILP NGO always highly values the storytelling and personal motivation of the participants by respectful diplomates, public figures, and high-range state servants. 

The main aim of the academy is to encourage and promote women to be active and take the initiative for their professional promotion and actively participate in the political and public life of the country.  

The academy is being conducted by the ILP NGO in collaboration with VVD International on an annual basis and in 2023 it is already the 4th cohort of the Academy. The Project took place from February to May 2023.