Truth is Born During the Debate

Truth is Born During the Debate

Still in antic Greece debate was a part of public life.

Philosophers thought that the truth is born during the debate.
  • For strengthening in practice the theoretical knowledge gained at the theoretical level today 2 debates were organized in the school of liberal politics.
  • “The functioning of mass media should be controlled by the state during martial law” topic was debated by the teams “Besties” (for) and “Don Juan and heroines” (against).
  • Members of the team “Besties” were Alik Araqelyan, Hasmik Poghosyan, Marietta Dolunc, Milena Machyan.
  • Members of the team “Don Juan and heroines” were Sergey Asikyan, Tamara Kalunc, Susanna Chobanyan, Sonya Hambardzumyan.

Members of the jury were member of the governing board of BAP, leader of the fraction of “Luys” of the council of elders of Yerevan David Khajakyan, member of the governing board of BAP, member of the parliament of 7th convocation Ani Samsonyan and the chairperson of the “Institute of Liberal Politics” Tatevik Matinyan.

The debate was managed by the coordinators of the School for Liberal Politics Mariam Khzmalyan and Shushan Avagyan.