Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Today at the school of Liberal Politics the co-founder and development director of the School of Ethics, and member of the board of the chamber of international trade Armen Ghukasyan was hosted, who represented the topic of “Skills for public speech”․
The following points were reflected within the topic:
  • Types of speech,
  • Psychological disposition,
  • Defining the aim of the speech,
  • Developing the structure and grounds for the speech,
  • 4 ways of perceiving information,
  • Confident speech in front of the audience,
  • Tricks for revealing the tension,
  • Controlling the attention of the audience,
  • Convincing speech,
  • Storytelling,
  • Gestures and mimics,
  • Rules for answering questions.
It’s impossible to give a good speech without preparing beforehand and without having the necessary skills for giving a public speech. No one is born with excellent skills for speechmaking, they should be continuously developed.