Workshop on the Challenges of Neoliberalism

Workshop on the Challenges of Neoliberalism


The rise of homo-economicus and it’s influence on the empowerment of citizenship (lectures and debates)

The project was entitled “Growth of the species Homo-economicus (pursuing economic interests, led by consumer psychology), its impact on the establishment of the institution of citizenship”.

As a result of the rise of neoliberalism, societies witness the marketization of media and communication, the dominance of economic affairs over the political, the rapid growth of “consumtariat” as well as the “homo-economicus.”

The above-mentioned brings challenges especially for post-soviet societies where there is an absence of transformation from information society to knowledge society and then transition to artificial intelligence society. These three categories have their own evolution and development features that need to be overcome in order to re-establish a balance between all the age groups as well as the different social classes.